March 2014 - Latest Global Liquidity Data (GLI)

by Michael J. Howell12. March 2014 19:37
Headline end-February 2014 GLI (Global Liquidity Index) data confirm a clear inflection in overall data and, perhaps, even in the more buoyant Developed Economies, too? Admittedly the GLI ticked up slightly through the month to 53.4 ('normal' range 0-100) from a sub-par 47.9 in January. World Liquidity may still be just above its average; however, these values stand well-below the recent 61.9 peak. Excluding EM, the picture is far better, with the GLIX (excluding EM) rebounding to an index value of 75.3 or again close to its recent 76.1 December 2012 peak. Emerging Market liquidity remained at a low index value of 13.3, likely foreshadowing an earnings recession across the sector.

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Global Liquidity Update

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