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by Michael J. Howell10. July 2014 16:22
The Global Liquidity Indexes (GLI) measure broad monetary flows through World financial markets. They are leading indicators of future asset prices and economic activity. Our 80 country GLI aggregate inched down in June 2014 to an index of 47.8 ('normal' range 0-100) from 48.3 in May. The GLI can be broken down into an Emerging Market (EM) component, which is low but managed to rise to an index of 24.1 last month and a Developed Market (DM) component, which still stands at high index levels of 65.4. The DM index dipped a tad last month but is largely unchanged since end-2013, whereas the EM index gained 3.7 points from May and is 7.8 points up over six months.


Global Liquidity Update

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