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6th March 2013: Michael Howell, CEO at CrossBorder Capital, quoted in Money Week: Why 2013 will be good for the US dollar, by Matthew Partridge

"CrossBorder found that investor exposure to US dollar assets, as a proportion of worldwide financial wealth, is currently well below the average level since the series began in the 1980s.

What’s more, CrossBorder reckons that holdings of US dollar assets tend to be “mean reverting”. In other words, when US dollar holdings are unusually low, as they are now, they’re likely to rise in the longer run."

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18th March 2013: Michael Howell CEO at CrossBorder Capital, quoted in InvestmentEurope: Euro could go 20% lower

"Mike Howell, managing director of CrossBorder Capital, says the data on eurozone liquidity points to a further 20% weakening in the single currency.

In a jaw-dropping turnaround eurozone equities have leapt from the bottom of every advisor's investment picks to the top in barely a year. Strangely, the outlook 12 months ago looked to us much better than today, justifying the subsequent sharp share price rally. Looking ahead into the rest of 2013, we do not think that likely returns from eurozone investment compensate for the bigger risks."

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18th March 2013: Michael Howell, CEO at CrossBorder Capital, quoted in InvestmentEurope: Liquidity data point to financial trouble ahead, by Jonathan Boyd

"CrossBorder Capital, the UK based independent advisory and alternative fund manager, has said its headline Global Liquidity Index (GLI) points to a general improvement through February, but that other data suggest some key challenges to financial markets in coming months.

The GLI hit 62.1 in February, up from 58.1 the previous month. The range is 0-100, with a higher number suggesting an improvement in global liquidity."

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25th February 2013: Michael Howell, CEO at CrossBorder Capital, quoted in Bloomberg News Article: Correlation at 2008 Low Leaves European Stocks Trailing, by Alexis Xydias

 "The euro region’s risks “far outweigh the potential rewards,” Michael Howell, the founding managing director at CrossBorder Capital in London who correctly forecast that the U.S. housing-market outlook would lead to losses in equities in 2007, said in an interview on Feb. 19.

“Right now, it’s one of the worst times to buy Europe,” said Howell, who studies fund flows and helps oversee $350 million of assets. “The ECB should expand its balance sheet massively. What you’ve got is the euro-zone swimming against the tide.”"

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