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2015-01-12Latest Global Liquidity Index (GLI) January 201504.2
2014-07-10GLI Latest0None
2014-05-13May 2014 Release Global Liquidity Indexes GLIs05
2014-03-12March 2014 - Latest Global Liquidity Data (GLI)04
2013-12-31Global Liquidity...What A Year!0None
2013-08-14Latest Global Liquidity Data - August Update04.7
2013-01-24Publication and Mid-Month Update05
2012-12-192013: Big Questions For The Big Consensus 04.7
2012-10-02A Glorious Fall0None
2012-09-02The M-Wave: Where Now? Higher?0None

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2018-07-04Re-Assessing Emerging Markets: What Now?03.7
2018-06-22Red Alert for Markets? PBoC Watching Signals Danger Ahead04
2018-05-30Why Asia Really Is Different This Time04.2
2018-05-29Emerging Market Crises – When to Push the Panic Button?04.2
2018-05-22What Capital Flows Tell Us About A Coming 2018 Correction?03.7
2018-04-13The Big(ger) Question for the Rest of 201803.8
2018-03-28Why A Trade War Will Not Save The Trump Dollar03
2018-03-23The Asian Financial Cycle (Part II) … After The Latest Round Of Rate Rises, Could The World Economy Slow?05
2018-03-15Using AI and Machine Learning to Predict Future Financial Crises04.2
2018-02-21So Did Chinese Tightening Really Cause the 2008 Global Financial Crisis?03.5
2018-02-21The Trillion Dollar Bash & The Second Leg Down?04
2018-01-10Major 2018 Risks (Part 3 of 4) - Prospects For China, Japan and EM in 201805
2018-01-08‘Quantitative Squeezing’: Prospects for Global Liquidity in 201804
2017-12-06What Could Go Wrong in 2018? Part 1 (of 4) – Global Bonds03
2017-11-07Has the Earth Just Moved In Japan?05
2017-11-01Another Monetary Blast From China05
2017-10-20The Yen Kowtows 05
2017-09-27Gold or Paper Money? Capital is Quitting the US but it is Heading into Euros not Gold0None
2017-09-25Are Central Banks triggering a bear market?04.5
2017-09-21Has China made Japan an Emerging Market?03
2017-07-03Two Key Reasons Why The Euro Is Jumping04
2017-03-29Why Latest Chinese Data Spell ‘Sell’ For Global Bonds05
2017-03-15Two Critical Prices Are Dangerously Wrong0None
2017-03-09The Chinese Sleeping Giant Awakens – Capital Flows, Global Bonds and 1987 Redux?03.7
2017-03-01The Return of Gold?05
2017-01-20Strong Emerging Market Capital Inflows Signal Another Good Year02
2016-12-21What Is Driving Down Bonds?04
2016-11-16The Double-Whammy – Central Banks, G4 Fixed Income and How China Still Sets World Interest Rates03.2
2016-11-16The Financial Silk Road – Assessing Future Chinese Monetary Policy and Capital Flows04
2016-09-22The Bank of Japan Makes A Second Big Error02.5
2016-07-27China’s QE4 or QE3.5?04
2016-07-27The Four Elephants of the Macro-Apocalypse?04
2016-07-15Emerging Markets Are Looking Better and Better 03.7
2016-06-30Woof! – Global Capital Flows After Brexit05
2016-06-27The World After Brexit0None
2016-06-07A Third Major Bubble That Looks Set to Finally Burst04
2016-05-25Could Xi Zap Bonds?0None
2016-03-18G4 Bond Risks05
2016-03-07Global View March 2016: Why Gold Bullion is Soaring04.7
2016-03-04Global View March 2016: Will A Lack of Borrowers End The US Dollar Boom?05
2016-03-02Global View March 2016: The World’s Biggest Credit Bubble Meets the World’s Biggest Policy Error04
2016-02-29Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, February 201603.5
2016-02-29Global Liquidity Conditions (Risk) Emerging Markets, February 201603
2016-02-29Global Liquidity Conditions Major Markets, February 201604
2016-02-13Global View February 2016: Goodbye Global Liquidity... Hello Black Hole04
2016-02-08Global View February 2016: What Do Negative Japanese Interest Rates Really Mean? 03.5
2016-02-08Global Liquidity Latest, February 201605
2016-02-08Emerging Markets Latest GLI, February 20160None
2016-01-26Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, January 201603.5
2016-01-26Global Liquidity Conditions Major Markets, January 20160None
2016-01-16TSS - Major Markets Report, January 20160None
2016-01-16Emerging Markets Latest GLI, January 20160None
2016-01-10Global Liquidity Latest, January 201605
2016-01-10Global View January 2016: Measuring the Stance of Central Bank Policy in a Low/Zero Interest Rate Environment01.5
2015-12-23Global View December 2015: Summarising the 2016 Picture - Weak Liquidity, Worsening Credit Outlook, Further Currency Wars and More Deflation03
2015-12-18Global View December 2015: Was the Fed's New Monetary Policy A Success?04.5
2015-12-16Emerging Markets Latest GLI, December 201504
2015-12-14Global View December 2015: China's 'New' New Exchange Rate Regime 0None
2015-12-11Global Liquidity Latest, December 20150None
2015-12-02Global View December 2015: Emerging Markets in 2016…Yes But No01
2015-11-30Global Liquidity Conditions (Risk) Emerging Markets, November 201505
2015-11-30Global View November 2015: How Will The 'New' Fed Tighten? 0None
2015-11-27Global View November 2015: A Maverick View of Bond Markets in 201604
2015-11-25Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, November 201502
2015-11-25Asia Markets - Latest GLI Data, November 20150None
2015-11-25Global Liquidity Conditions Major Markets, November 20150None
2015-11-24Global View November 2015: How Likely Is A 2016 Global Liquidity Shock? 0None
2015-11-23TSS - Emerging Markets Report, November 20150None
2015-11-19TSS - Major Markets Report, November 20150None
2015-11-13Emerging Markets Latest GLI, November 20150None
2015-11-11Global Liquidity Latest, November 20150None
2015-11-01Global View October 2015: Another Upward Lurch in the US Dollar?0None
2015-10-26Global View October 2015: Is A Coming Chinese RMB Devaluation Deflationary?03
2015-10-23Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, October 201504
2015-10-23Global Liquidity Conditions Major Markets, October 201503
2015-10-23TSS - Emerging Markets Report, October 20150None
2015-10-20TSS - Major Markets Report, October 201504
2015-10-16Global View October 2015 - 2016: The First Recession Involving Falling Not Rising Interest Rates 03.7
2015-10-13Emerging Markets Latest GLI, October 20150None
2015-10-12Global View October 2015: The Collapse of Global Liquidity and the Eclipse of Central Banking03.9
2015-10-12Global Liquidity Latest, October 201503
2015-09-24Global Liquidity Conditions Major Markets, September 20150None
2015-09-24Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, September 201502
2015-09-24Global Liquidity Conditions (Risk) Emerging Markets, September 20150None
2015-09-15Global View September 2015: Where Are US Bonds Heading?0None
2015-09-14TSS - Major Markets Report, September 20150None
2015-09-14TSS - Major Markets Report, September 20150None
2015-09-10Global View September 2015: Is America Heading for Recession?04
2015-09-10Emerging Markets Latest GLI, September 20150None
2015-09-10Global Liquidity Latest, September 2015 0None
2015-09-10Global View September 2015: Latest China Data... Not Good News0None
2015-09-10Global View August 2015: CE1, CE2 and CE3? Will the PBOC Be Forced to Triple Its Balance Sheet?0None
2015-08-21Global View August 2015: Capital Flows To Emerging Markets 04
2015-08-21TSS - Emerging Markets Report, August 20150None
2015-08-21TSS - Major Markets Report, August 20150None
2015-08-17Global View August 2015: China RMB04
2015-08-14Global Liquidity Latest, August 201503
2015-08-13Emerging Markets Latest GLI, August 20150None
2015-07-27Global View - China Slows More and Foreign Money Remains Skittish, But An Upward Inflection in Economy Lies Ahead July 20150None
2015-07-21Global View - Is This The Time To Buy Gold and Sell The US Dollar? July 201503
2015-07-21TSS (Tactical Style Selection): Emerging Markets - Liquidity-based Multi-Asset Allocation - July 20150None
2015-07-21Global View - Wall Street Facing Stiffer Head Winds: 4 Arguments July 20150None
2015-07-10Emerging Markets Latest GLI July 2015: Cash Returns to Emerging Market0None
2015-07-08Global Liquidity Latest, July 20150None
2015-06-30Global View June 2015: A Final Blast of Cash? The China Connection04.5
2015-06-29June 2015: The Month China Overtook America0None
2015-06-26Global Liquidity Conditions (Risk) Emerging Markets, June 20150None
2015-06-26Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, June 20150None
2015-06-26Global Liquidity Conditions Major Markets, June 2015 0None
2015-06-25Thoughts on Greece0None
2015-06-19TSS - Emerging Markets Report, June 201502.5
2015-06-19TSS - Major Markets Report, June 20150None
2015-06-16Emerging Markets Latest GLI June 2015: EM Liquidity at 4-year Highs0None
2015-06-16Global Liquidity Latest June 2015: Chinese Liquidity at 5-Year High0None
2015-06-10Global View June 2015 - Another 'Conundrum': A Brave New (and Ugly) World For Bonds04
2015-06-02Global View May 2015: What Every Emerging Market Investor Needs to Know - It's Time To Raise EM Exposure0None
2015-05-22Global View May 2015 - The Most Important Question in the World: Have the Chinese Translated Bagehot? 03
2015-05-22The Hidden Easing? BoJ boosts cash injections again and Fed reverses uphill!0None
2015-05-21TSS - Emerging Markets Report, May 201504
2015-05-21Global Liquidity Conditions (Liquidity) Emerging Markets, May 20150None
2015-05-21Global Liquidity Conditions: Major Markets0None
2015-05-21Global Liquidity Conditions (Risk) Emerging Markets, May 20150None
2015-05-21The Most Important Question in the World: Have the Chinese Translated Bagehot?0None
2015-05-21TSS - Major Markets Report, May 2015 - Is China Really Easing?0None
2015-05-13Global View April 2015: Is this Really a Bond Bubble?04
2015-05-13Emerging Markets GLI (Liquidity Index) May 2015 Update04
2015-05-12Global Liquidity Index (GLI) May 2015 Latest Release05
2015-05-09Global View May 2015: Could Weak 2015 GDP Force The US Dollar to Join The Global Currency War? Or Why Gold May Soon Start to Shine03
2015-04-29Global View April 2015 - Emerging Markets: Can They Boom Again?03.3
2015-04-29Global View April 2015: How China Sets World Interest Rates (Part III)04
2015-04-29TSS - Emerging Markets Report, April 2015 - At Last More Money Arrives: Back To EM0None
2015-04-29TSS - Major Markets Report, April 2015 - Large Capital Shifts to Emerging Markets0None
2015-04-29Emerging Markets Latest GLI, April 20150None
2015-04-24Bank of Japan QQE0None
2015-04-17April Update - Latest GLI™ (Global Liquidity Index) 0None
2015-03-11Global Liquidity Latest (GLI March Release)01
2015-02-24Global View - The Global Accelerator February 201504
2015-02-24Emerging Markets Liquidity-Based Tactical Asset Allocation - February 201504
2015-02-24Liquidity-Based Tactical Asset Allocation, February 201504
2015-02-17Global Liquidity in 2014: Bigger, Faster, Stronger04
2014-12-13Global Liquidity Index (GLI) December 2014 Update04
2014-11-13Tactical Style Selection - TSS November 201404.5
2014-11-11Global Liquidity November Update03.8
2014-10-15We're Turning Japanese Again...September 2014 Research Report03.5
2014-10-15Latest Global Liquidity October Update0None
2014-08-09Global Liquidity Index (GLI) August 2014 Update04
2014-07-10Emerging Markets Has Liquidity Bottomed?0None
2014-06-24BoJ Blasts0None
2014-06-13Emerging Market Liquidity (EM GLI) June 2014 Update03
2014-06-13Emerging Market Liquidity (EM GLI) June 2014 Update0None
2014-06-13Global Liquidity Index (GLI) June 2014 Update03.5
2014-06-03New Report: Running Out of Dollars?05
2014-05-15Emerging Markets Liquidity/ Capital Flows May 2014 Data Release05
2014-05-13The Drain from Ukraine!03.5
2014-05-13Japanese Liquidity....Bad Signs!05
2014-04-20What Is Important?04
2014-04-20If Five Was Seven05
2014-04-14Are EM Problems Really Structural?05
2014-04-14Chinese Liquidity - End-March 2014 Data Released05
2014-04-14GLI (Global Liquidity Indexes) -- End-March 2014 Data Released05
2014-03-20US Fed Policy March FOMC...Hawkish?05
2014-03-18Consequences of a Weak China04
2014-03-12March Update - US Looking Good, Japan Less Good and China Looking Bad03
2014-02-21Chinese Liquidity, Latest GLI Shows Low Scores04
2014-02-17Is QE Inflationary?04.5
2014-02-17Is QE Inflationary?05
2014-02-11Global Liquidity: Latest Monthly Data04
2014-02-10Money, Credit and 'Global Liquidity'05
2014-01-31US Liquidity More Than Two-and-a-half Times Money Supply, End-201305
2014-01-30Low Chinese Liquidity Drives the Next Crisis?04.3
2014-01-27Chinese Liquidity and Capital Flows to all Emerging Markets, 2005-201304.2
2014-01-25The Real Tapering Threat Is Not The Fed, but China04.5
2014-01-23Capital Flows to EM 201304.7
2014-01-23Time To Buy Commodities?0None
2014-01-14Risk Appetite Data Still Rising03.5
2014-01-14Are We All Behind the Curve? What Are Bonds Telling?05
2014-01-12Global Liquidity Data End-201305
2014-01-03Economics and Liquidity05
2014-01-03It's Not About Money, Nor Interest Rates.. Liquidity Matters Most03
2014-01-03What Liquidity Events to Watch For In 201404
2013-12-31Safe Assets, Low Risks05
2013-12-31Global Liquidity...What A Year!05
2013-11-18Latest Global Liquidity & Capital Flow Data0None
2013-11-18Latest Global Liquidity & Capital Flow Data - November Update0None
2013-11-11OMG EM FX!04
2013-10-29Global Liquidity...boom?05
2013-10-14Latest GLI (Global Liquidity Index)05
2013-09-26New Frontiers03.5
2013-09-19September FOMC: Bernanke's Eastern Put05
2013-09-19Latest GLI, Liquidity Data05
2013-08-15Tapering ... Bah!05
2013-08-14Slower China Means Higher World Real Interest Rates05
2013-07-18Latest GLI - June Liquidity Update05
2013-07-08Mid-Year Review: The Three Big Events So Far in 201304
2013-07-08Tampering Or Tapering?05
2013-07-08Tampering Or Tapering?05
2013-06-25EM Head For The Entrance!05
2013-06-21Watch Bonds04
2013-06-21Risk Assets ...Time to Exit?05
2013-06-21Emerging Markets??05
2013-06-17Global Liquidity Index (GLI) Latest 04.5
2013-05-30Japan's Sell-Off04.3
2013-05-17Global Liquidity Climbs A Peak05
2013-04-19Gold: There is No Conspiracy!05
2013-04-19Latest GLI March 201305
2013-04-19Japanese QE is Fifty Fifty05
2013-04-18New Report: Japan's Great Experiment05
2013-04-04New Global View Published "The End of Emerging Markets???"04.7
2013-04-04New Globl View Published "Eurozone: Shuffling Towards the Abyss"04.3
2013-04-04Target2: The New QE .... and QT05
2013-03-30Cyprus: illiquidity vs insolvency05
2013-03-27More Euro Mess05
2013-03-27Poor News....Capital Flows to EM05
2013-03-13GLI February 2013 Data Release04.5
2013-03-12CBC Financial Stress Index, w/e 8/3/201305
2013-03-12Bank of England Liquidity Injections...More QE Needed?04.7
2013-03-11What Do Central Banks Do?04.5
2013-03-10A Peak With A View?05
2013-03-07New Report 'Dance of the Dollar'0None
2013-03-07Emerging Market Strategy March 2013 Published04.5
2013-03-07Finance and Economics, Or Economics and Finance?05
2013-03-05Do Central Banks (Really) Create Inflation?05
2013-02-27Liquidity Databook Published0None
2013-02-27Britain's Naughty Banks05
2013-02-27Does Size Really Matter?05
2013-02-24Big Week for the BoJ and...04.7
2013-02-21What Is Important?05
2013-02-20Currency Wars Or Just Approaching Dollar Strength?04.8
2013-02-13GLI Update05
2013-02-13More Sterling Problems?05
2013-02-13ECB Headaches05
2013-02-11Another Eurozone Crisis Ahead?!04.7
2013-01-27Dollar Strength?05
2013-01-24Has Gold Lost Its Glister?05
2013-01-11Yessss! Latest Liquidity Data Release04.2
2013-01-07Abe-cadabra: Japan Is Changing04.2
2013-01-03US Dollar Yield Curve...Moving On Up04.2
2013-01-02How to Understand 2013: Think 'M'04.3
2013-01-02The Big Event of 2013: 201204.7
2012-12-21Bernanke Draghi Svensson Carney Iwata = CB Revolution04.5
2012-12-19More Money For EM...Again05
2012-12-12Asset Allocation: Growth and Equities?04
2012-12-12EM Another Bullish Sign?05
2012-12-06Where's Our QE3? -- Update04
2012-12-05Christmas Turkey!05
2012-12-05Why Is Gold Weak?05
2012-11-29November Liquidity Databook Published04.5
2012-11-28The EM Story: Part 205
2012-11-28Money Quits Japan05
2012-11-28A Small Start to QE3?05
2012-11-20Where's Our QE3?05


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