Global View August 2015: Capital Flows To Emerging Markets

by Michael J. Howell21. August 2015 14:32

Is it time to buy EM? Two indicators we watch closely are: (1) investors’ risk appetite and (2) cross-border flows. Great buying opportunities are often signalled when investors in general are downbeat – measured by a low exposure to risk assets (e.g. equities) and a high proportion of safe assets (e.g. cash) in portfolios – and when foreign money is flooding out. With the screens currently blazing red, is this a time to buy?


TSS - Emerging Markets Report, August 2015

by Michael J. Howell21. August 2015 14:30

Emerging Market liquidity took a major step down last month largely because of signs of renewed weakness in China. EM Liquidity (41.4) is rising, but at a reduced pace across the EM universe and it is only keeping pace with similarly rising measures of Investors’ Risk Appetite, suggesting few investment opportunities.


TSS - Major Markets Report, August 2015

by Michael J. Howell21. August 2015 14:26

The red and amber lights on our risk dashboard (pp10-11) are starting blink warnings. Two major risks are building for markets over coming months: (1) well-flagged prospect of US monetary tightening. Latest liquidity data show the Fed likely preparing for a September interest rate rise. The sliding US economy, evident in latest data, will mitigate rather than stop this move. (2) A sharp fall in Chinese Liquidity data in July 2015. Together, these trends pushed our GLI™ (Global Liquidity Index) down to a low 44.8 reading for end-July 2015 (‘normal’ range 0-100), reversing its recent rebound.


Global View August 2015: China RMB

by Michael J. Howell17. August 2015 16:12

“China has no need for forex devaluation because we expect exports to pick-up in the second half of this year…”PBoC Spokesman, August 12th 2015


Global Liquidity Latest, August 2015

by Michael J. Howell14. August 2015 10:48

Global Liquidity suffered a significant setback in July 2015 with our GLI(Global Liquidity Index) falling to 44.8 (‘normal’ range 0-100) from an unusual revised-down index value of 47.3 for June. Liquidity conditions have again become sub-par. The unquestioned winner is the US dollar, whose strength will add another deflationary twist to markets.


Emerging Markets Latest GLI, August 2015

by Michael J. Howell13. August 2015 12:22

Emerging Market Liquidity remains subpar at an index of 41.4 (‘normal’ range 0-100) in July 2015, according to our GLI(Global Liquidity Index). There are many positives in the latest data, but these pale when compared to weak Chinese data and the more obvious flat-lining in Chinese Central Bank liquidity.


Global View - China Slows More and Foreign Money Remains Skittish, But An Upward Inflection in Economy Lies Ahead July 2015

by Michael J. Howell27. July 2015 16:08

Latest data show further slowdown in both the broader Chinese financial sector (according to Shadow Bank lending) and in the real economy (judging from the Citibank economic surprise indexes), but negative pressures appear to be lessening. Our China component of the GLI(Global Liquidity Index) is already picking up and, if past trends are still a guide, this suggests that China’s real economy will stabilise over coming months.



Global View - Is This The Time To Buy Gold and Sell The US Dollar? July 2015

by Michael J. Howell21. July 2015 15:20

Short answer is ‘No’. Capital flows still favour the US dollar, and they do not yet look kindly on gold. That time may come, but we would first have to see much looser Central Bank monetary policies, at a time when the US is talking up its policy tightness, and/ or much weaker private sector cash flows, which would signal recession. For now, the US looks underpinned, and with the exceptions of the Euro, the New Zealand dollar and most Emerging Market Currencies, paper money still looks a better place to be than gold, its antithesis.



TSS (Tactical Style Selection): Emerging Markets - Liquidity-based Multi-Asset Allocation - July 2015

by Michael J. Howell21. July 2015 15:16

EM Liquidity Now Above Average

·      Quantity of EM Liquidity has jumped faster than quality

·      EM investment risks have tumbled over past six months



Global View - Wall Street Facing Stiffer Head Winds: 4 Arguments July 2015

by Michael J. Howell21. July 2015 15:11

Wall Street Facing Stiffer Head Winds: 4 Arguments

Numerologists worry about 2015, because severe market corrections usually have a regular 8/9 year pattern: previous peaks occurred in 1972, 1981, 1989, 1998 and 2007. With this year slated as the likely start of Fed tightening, there are understandably wider concerns. Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen delivered another warning to politicians and markets this week that US rates are set to rise. Market participants remain torn between a start-date of September 2015 and early 2016for the first rate hike, but both her words and recent movements in the Fed’s balance sheet seem to indicate a sooner, not later move.



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