Global Liquidity Data End-2013

by Michael J. Howell12. January 2014 14:17
According to our latest calculations, the Global Liquidity Index (GLI) ended 2013 at a value of 53.8. Normal range 0-100. This was lower than November (56.9) and below the 2013 June peak of 61.5. Admittedly, major cross-currents between the EM (Emerging Markets) and DM (Developed Markets) drag down the overall total but even examining the buoyant DM liquidity data they confirm what looks like an inflection point. EM liquidity remains weak. The equivalent DM GLI hit 67.2 at end-2013, or down from its 70.1 November reading. Looking inside this data adds further colour since Central Bank Liquidity is sub-par and drifting, whereas the recently far more dynamic Private Sector Liquidity index is high but now fading.


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