Low Chinese Liquidity Drives the Next Crisis?

by Michael J. Howell30. January 2014 08:52
No surprise that latest PMI data shows Chinese economy weak. Our measure of Chinese liquidity flows which lead the economy have been depressed for part of 2012 and all of 2013. Without liquidity economies cannot grow and the China's PBoC has been deliberately squeezing for at least 18 months now. 4% rise in China's imports of crude oil in 2013 does not signal a rapidly growing economy. The domestic economy may not have a hard-landing but the rest of Asia and EM will. This is what the financial markets are currently trying to discount. Where does it end? (1) currency devaluations across EM; (2) renewed (imported) deflation in the West from later 2014, and (3) an EM debt/ banking crisis by 2016. As our research has suggested, buying US bonds in the later part of 2014 may make some sense. Liquidity matters...everywhere.

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