Global Liquidity: Latest Monthly Data

by Michael J. Howell11. February 2014 12:22
New Fed Chief: new investment era? Ben Bernanke has left office and he appears to have taken the US liquidity boom with him: Overall US liquidity recorded an index score of 74.1 in January, or down from the October peak of 78.4 (‘normal’ range 0-100). Alongside, our Global Liquidity Index (GLI) slipped below average in January to 47.0. It too has now definitively retreated from its earlier November high of 57.7. This pull back is confirmed by a parallel index of very short-term credit and money market spreads which slipped to 67.1 in January, again from mid-year highs of 76.9. Admittedly, this aggregate picture looks worse because of still terrible Emerging Market Liquidity conditions: but if EMs were so important on the way up, it is only correct to include them on the way down. Contact us for full data access and more detail.


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